About the FARO & Autodesk Webinar Series

This webinar series held by our FARO & Autodesk experts will discuss Inspection for the Smart Factory and provide an insight in the following topics:

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Incorporating Scanning Technology and Robotics
  • The Future of Manufacturing and Inspection
  • Training, Skills, Standard for the Smart Factory

Presenters from FARO & Autodesk


Chuck Pfeffer, FARO
Director of Product Marketing and Product Management

In 2002, Chuck joined FARO Technologies became the Product Manager for the FARO Laser Tracker Division. In 2008 he became Director of Product Management for the 3D Imager product line, and as part of the corporate reorganization in 2016 became Director of Product Management for FARO Factory Metrology.

As Product Manager for a global 3D measurement company, Chuck has had the opportunity to get a firsthand look at many of the biggest metrology challenges in the world today. It has also enabled him to build relationships with many of the key individuals in the metrology community.

Chuck served on the CMS Executive Committee for seven years, including one year as Chairman. He has also participated on the 3D Coordinate Metrology Certification sub-committee since its inception and is on the PrecisionPath Consortium for large-scale manufacturing.


Phil Hewitt, Autodesk
Product Manager

Philip Hewitt is an engineering graduate of King’s College, Cambridge.  After a postgraduate course in Design, Manufacture and Management, he worked for Queen’s University, Belfast to improve the design and cost estimating processes in a local manufacturing company supplying custom storage vessels from composite materials.  This experience of automating design processes led to an interest in software solutions, and applications roles with software companies specializing in process planning.

Philip Hewitt joined Delcam (a UK-based CAD/CAM software provider) in 1999 as an Application Engineer specializing in inspection and metrology.  Autodesk acquired Delcam in 2014 as part of its strategy to provide manufacturing solutions.  Today Philip is an Autodesk Product Manager specializing in manufacturing and inspection.

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Thursday, 7th February 5pm CET (4 pm GMT)

Inspection for the Smart Factory – Incorporating Scanning Technology and Robotics

Measurement is the first building block of engineering. Without validation, there can be no certified components and therefore – for many high accuracy industries – no final products.

As factories get more connected and “smarter”, metrology is playing an essential role in speeding up operations without losing the accuracy and rigour that many final products are required to apply.

This 2nd webinar of a series of four in total assesses the status quo of best practice factory metrology, the types of scanning technology and benefits of robot flexibility, and how measurement needs to transform to enable truly smart, digital factory operations.